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Little Pussie Fruit Flavored Energy Drink

Little Pussie Energy Drink Our Girl Little Pussie

Little Pussie is a fruity delicious energy drink that mixes great with all white alcohols, vodka, rum, you name the liquor. In fact one of our favorite mixed drinks is the orgasmix pussy, one part banana liquor, one part rum, splash of grenadine and fill with little pussy! Awesome. If You mix our energy drink in with vodka we promise you will prefer our girl to the bull. The flavor of little pussie is the best pussy taste you will ever have, the passion fruit comes out strong but the energy kick is even stronger. Did we mention that this little pussie carries attitude, good luck taming this girl.

Big Cock Cola Flavored Energy Drink

Big Cock Energy Drink Logo Big Bad Ass Rooster

The new Big Cock Energy Drink is the Big Cock on the block. His flavor is Cola and his style is to party. This Cola flavored energy drink mixes great with alcohol and all dark liquors such as Captain Morgan in the Captains Cock, Jack Daniels with Jack’s Big One, Crown Royal in the Royal Cock. For the first time you will indulge in your favorite liquor and cola with a great buzz of awesome energy. This Cola Energy Drink is also loaded with B vitamins to help with the morning after hang.

Little Pussie Cranberry Energy Drink

TnT Beverages Little Pussie Energy Drink Coming Soon

Delivering her attitude to a new flavor was no problem as we know she has plenty to go around. If you have ever had one you will have to lets us know because we think this may be the first cranberry flavored energy drink on the streets and with little pussie behind we know it will be a smashing success. So come dig into our next little pussie energy drink, coming soon.

Big Cock Root Beer Flavored Energy Drink

TnT Beverages Big Cock Root Beer Energy Drink Coming Soon

The Big Cock is back and this time he is taking on root beer. This coming soon flavor is sure to wow the die-hard root beer fans who need the extra energy that comes with being loaded full of B Vitamins and other awesome energy sources that keep the party moving along all night long.